What is it?
USBTenki is an electronic project to interface sensors to an USB port for collecting weather related data such as temperature. The firmware supports many different sensors and interfaces. It is up to you to decide what your USBTenki will support.

Internet Explorer is loosing terrain to other browsers

Open-Sourced H.264 Removes Barriers to WebRTC

When it comes to making collaboration technology such as high-definition video open and broadly available, it’s clear that the web browser plays an important role. The question is, how do you enable real-time video natively on the Web? It’s a question that folks are anxious to have answered.

WebRTC–a set of enhancements to HTML5–will address the issue head on. But, there is an important hurdle that must first be cleared, and that’s standardizing on a common video codec for real-time communications on the web – something the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) will decide next week.


Beer with Bitcoins

A new Point Of Sale (POS) system that accepts Bitcoin payments launched in the Netherlands today, allowing patrons of the EMG Faktors bar to pay for their pints using the virtual currency.

Developed by the Dutch company Bitcoin Café, the NUVOPOS system enables customers at the bar in Groningen (the first place to use it) to simply place an order, scan a QR code on screen at the bar and pay using Bitcoins via their smartphone.

While it isn’t the first Bitcoin POS system or the first in-person payments, it is the first one designed specifically for bars and hospitality, and it’s certainly the first for Groningen. Even better than that, NUVOPOS is available to bars anywhere in the world for consideration now, so perhaps your local could be next on the list.

You can check out the launch event at EMG Faktors in the video below.

Wolfram Alpha Launches Problem Generator To Help Students Learn Math

If you’re studying math or science, you are probably pretty familiar with Wolfram Alpha as a tool for figuring out complicated equations. That makes it a pretty good tool for cheating, but not necessarily for learning. Today, the Wolfram Alpha team is launching a new service for learners, the Wolfram Problem Generator, that turns the “computational knowledge engine” on its head.